What Editors Say about Marcia Kaye

Here’s a selection of comments written by editors who have worked with Marcia. These comments, all of them unsolicited, are from letters, emails and editors’ columns.

Dafna Izenberg Today's Parent

“Marcia, the story is great (‘Cyber-Bullying,’ Today’s Parent). So powerful and strongly written. Thanks for all your hard work and persistence. You really delivered, and I’m very grateful that you took it on.”

Scott Anderson U of T Magazine

“Marcia, I’m very glad you started writing for us. Your articles have been a dream to work on.”

Jennifer Walker Best Health

“Thanks so much, Marcia. You are an amazing writer and I’ve always counted on you for the hard stories. I always know I’m going to get something amazing.”

Jacqueline Kovacs Today’s Parent

“Thank you for a fabulous job on this! (‘Needling Doubts,’ Today’s Parent) It’s intelligent, balanced, thought-provoking and a damn good read. I wouldn’t have trusted such an important story with anyone else.”

David Field Comfort Life

“I just wanted to let you know that I have read through the seven profiles you provided and I feel you did a fantastic job (‘Inspiring,’ Comfort Life). The one on Claire Gourley is beautiful, practically poetic, and given the sensitive nature of her story, it turned out wonderfully.”

Jasmine Miller Women of Influence

“Marcia, this is fantastic (‘Cracking the Code,’ Women of Influence). I can’t believe the quantity and quality of the reporting you got, especially under the circumstances (super tight deadline). I’m delighted with the piece and so impressed.”

Jacqueline Hennessy Chatelaine

“I was so exhilarated reading that piece (‘Have Mum, Will Travel,’ Chatelaine) and I want to thank you again. You are a brilliant writer. You just blew us away.”

Dan Bortolotti Today's Parent

“You really did a great job with this (‘Breaking Up is Hard to Watch,’ Today’s Parent). Thanks again for making my job easy.”

Catherine Teasdale Imperial Oil Review

“The detail was incredible and colourful, and your story will have great appeal to senior management (‘Picturing Canada,’ profile of photographer George Hunter, Imperial Oil Review). It’s an outstanding piece, Marcia. Thank you for writing it so well.”

Dianne Rinehart Homemakers

“Marcia, I wanted to add my own personal joy at receiving such a well-researched, beautifully written piece (‘Infertility,’ Homemakers). Thanks for being so professional. It’s a fantastic piece.”

Janet Rowe Homemakers

“We did want to let you know that we thought the story was so very well done (‘Heal Thyself,’ Homemakers).”

Diana Swift Canadian Health

“Excellent column, great stuff (‘Sex Matters,’ Canadian Health). We just got our data in. Your column is very well read, by the way.”

Bonnie Baker Cowan From the editor's column in Canadian Living

“Marcia takes her profession seriously and excels as a writer, researcher and interviewer. She is ever respectful of her subject matter, and her writing has both the warmth and the strength that comes from the tenacity with which she does her research.”

Kathryn Dorrell Canadian Living

“Marcia, it has been lovely to work with you this year.”

June Rogers Together magazine

“As always, this piece is perfect, brilliant, full of new stuff and downright amazing (‘AD/HD: The Restless Child,’ Together magazine). Thank you, thank you.”

Valerie Lewis Host/editor, Writing Workshop TV series, TVO

“Marcia, thank you again for your help with TVOntario’s Writing Workshop. You came across like a TV pro.”

Rona Maynard Chatelaine

‘This is one of the finest manuscripts I’ve seen in a long time (‘Have Mum, Will Travel,’ Chatelaine).”

Linda Lewis More magazine

“You did an amazing job! (‘The Hot Shot,’ HPV vaccine, More magazine) Once again, Marcia, you have proven yourself to be such a valuable asset to More.”

Mahara Sinclaire The Laughing Boomer (book)

“Marcia, thank you so much for everything. You made the text flow. Excellent job.”

Caroline Connell Today's Parent

“Here’s the final edit of your terrific piece on teen terrors (‘When “Bad Teens” Happen to Good Families,’ Today’s Parent). I made very few changes; just a trim or two here and there. It’s a very strong piece. Hope we work together again soon.”

Arlene Stacey 50Plus magazine

“My God, it’s great! (‘One Man’s Mission,’ profile of Stephen Lewis, 50Plus.) You did a wonderful job — made me teary. You are really good at these profiles!”

Lisa Murphy Chatelaine

“Thank you again for delivering such a fabulous article! (‘Back on Track,’ Chatelaine.) As I mentioned, we’re really pleased with it. The quiz is strong, the writing is upbeat and the story is brimming with road-tested strategies.”

Michael Moriarty The Care Guide

“Just read the articles…fantastic…fantastic…fantastic!!” (‘Special Section: Memory Loss and Alzheimer’s,’ The Care Guide.)