Other Articles Written by Marcia Kaye

Below is a listing of some of the articles Marcia has published on a variety of topics. For more information, please contact marcia@marciakaye.com.


Alexa McDonough, politician "Grilled in the Kitchen" Canadian Living
Amy Sky, singer/songwriter "Amy Sky" Our Kids Go to Camp
Audrey McLaughlin, politician "Pick Me, Pick Me!" Canadian Living
Brian Clark, 9/11 survivor "Survivor of 9/11" The Auroran
Brian Day, MD, CMA head "Dr. Profit or Dr. Prophet?" 50Plus
Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) "Seeds of Better Health" Imperial Oil Review
Carl Hiebert, pilot/photographer "Carl Hiebert" Imperial Oil Review
Corey Hart, pop rocker "Pop Star to Star Pop" Canadian Living
Cora Tsouflidou "A Recipe for Success" 50Plus
"Corner Gas" TV series "A Couple of Characters" 50Plus
Craig Kielburger, activist "Craig Kielburger" Imperial Oil Review
Dani Reiss, CEO Canada Goose "The Reluctant CEO" U of T Magazine
David Suzuki, environmentalist "David Suzuki" Zoomer
Dini Petty, TV host "Honestly, Dini!" 50Plus
Don Cherry, hockey guru "The Home That Don Built" 50Plus
Don Harron, actor "Charlie Farquharson Unbuttoned" 50Plus
Dr. Carolyn Bennett, politician "Carolyn Bennett" Our Kids Go to Camp
Dr. Gideon Koren, pediatrician "Koren's Cause" Imperial Oil Review
Dr. Robert Conn, activist "Weighing the Risks" Imperial Oil Review
Eddie Greenspan, lawyer "Eddie Greenspan" Successful Executive
Elizabeth May, Green Party "Born to Save Our Planet" 50Plus
Eric Wan, inventor "Ode to Joy" U of T Magazine
Ethel Blondin-Andrew, politician "The It Girl from NWT" 50Plus
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman "Adventures of Journeywoman" 50Plus
First Nations achievers "On Olympians and Politicians" Imperial Oil Review
George Hunter, photographer "Picturing Canada" Imperial Oil Review
Habitat for Humanity "A Hand Up, Not a Hand-Out" Imperial Oil Review
Jane Stewart, politician "Jane Stewart" Imperial Oil Review
Janet Matsushita, refinery manager "A Fine Balance" Imperial Oil Review
Jean Baird, publisher "Jean Baird" Imperial Oil Review
Jean Charest, former Quebec premier "Grilled in the Kitchen" Canadian Living
Jean Chrétien, former PM "Grilled in the Kitchen" Canadian Living
Jennifer Heil, Olympic gold skier "Rebuilding Her Dream" Best Health
Kearl oil sands project "A Day in the Life at Kearl" ExxonMobil The Lamp
Kim Campbell, former PM "Pick Me, Pick Me!" Canadian Living
Loreena McKennit, Celtic musician "The Priestess of Pluck" Canadian Living
Lynn Johnston, comic strip artist "The Great Divide" Canadian Living
Marc Kielburger, activist "Marc Kielburger" Our Kids Go to Camp
Margaret Trudeau, mental health activist "A New Margaret" 50Plus
Mary Walsh, comedian "Funny Girl" 50Plus
Michael Budman, Roots founder "Michael Budman" Our Kids Go to Camp
Michael Wilson, ambassador to U.S. "Michael Wilson" Successful Executive
Murray McLaughlan, singer "Back Swinging on a Star" 50Plus
National Ballet of Canada "National Dream" Imperial Oil Review
Prabhat Jha, epidemiologist "Saving Lives, One Death at a Time" U of T Magazine
Preston Manning, Reform Party founder "Grilled in the Kitchen" Canadian Living
RCMP "Footsteps of Sergeant Preston" Imperial Oil Review
Rita Cox, storyteller "Rita Cox" Imperial Oil Review
Robert Munsch, author "The Boy Inside the Man" 50Plus
Roberta Bondar "Time After Space" 50Plus
Sally Armstrong, journalist "See Sally Run" 50Plus
Scott Tanner, inventor "Seeing into the Soul of Cells" U of T Magazine
Shelagh Rogers, broadcaster "Laughing Out Loud" 50Plus
Stephen Lewis, humanitarian "One Man's Mission" 50Plus
Umberto Menghi, chef "Our Tuscan Sun" 50Plus
Veronika Bauer, Olympic freestylist "Veronika Bauer" Our Kids Go to Camp
Victorian Order of Nurses "To Those in Need" Reader's Digest

Health & Medicine

Addictive Personalities "Got an Addictive Personality?" Canadian Living
Alzheimer’s and memory loss “I Can’t Remember!” The Care Guide
Alzheimer's diagnosis "Getting an Early Diagnosis" The Care Guide
Alzheimer's treatment "Treating Early Alzheimer's" The Care Guide
Andropause "Running on Empty" 50Plus
Anti-aging treatments "Peaches and Cream Forever" Canadian Living
Antidepressants "When Life's a Pill" Homemakers
Autism "Understanding Autism" U of T Magazine
Average woman's health "Fitter Than You Think" Chatelaine
Avoiding antibiotics "Say No to Antibiotics" Canadian Living
Belly fat "Beat the Bulge" More
Bioidentical hormones "It's Only Natural..." More
Breast cancer politics "Naked Truth about Breast Cancer" Canadian Living
Breast cancer survivors "Profiles in Courage" Best Health
Cancer research "Popular Science" More
Canada Senior Games "Everyone's a Winner" Canadian Living
Chronic pain explained "Coping With Chronic Pain" Canadian Health
Colon cancer "The Test That Could Save Your Life" Homemakers
Cosmetic surgery for youth "Great Expectations" Canadian Living
Cough medicines "Cough Stops" Today's Parent
Dancing for fitness "Beyond Aerobics" Canadian Living
Depression in fathers "Dads & Depression" Today's Parent
Diabetes "The New Global Epidemic" Canadian Living
Diabetes and families "All in the Family" Canadian Living
Early child development "The First 2,000 Days" U of T Medicine
Early waking "Rise and Shine" Canadian Living
Energy boosting "Power Up!" Zoomer
Energy medicine "Heal Thyself" Homemakers
Exercise and health "Exercise Changed My Life" Chatelaine
Eye health "Keep Scoring 20/20" Canadian Living
Health hot spots "Stages and Ages of Health" Canadian Living
Health/fitness goals "Get Back on Track" Chatelaine
Heart attack survival "After the Heart Attack" Canadian Living
Heart damage therapy "Healing the Heart" U of T Magazine
Heart disease in women "Cardiac Attest" More
Heart disease prevention "Show Your Heart You Care" Canadian Health
Heavy metal poisoning "Heavy Metals" Today's Parent
Hormones and mental illness "Storm Warning" Chatelaine
HPV vaccine "The Hot Shot" More
HRT "The Truth About Estrogen" More
HRT update "Being Hormonal" More
Immune system "It's a Jungle Out There" Homemakers
Immunization controversy "Needling Doubts" Today's Parent
Infertility research "Parents -- at Last!" U of T Magazine
Longevity for women 10 Ways to Live Longer Best Health
Longevity regions "Secrets of the Blue Zones" Zoomer
Luxury fitness spas "Northern Lites" Toronto Life
Memory lapses "Remember This" Chatelaine
Memory loss "Your Loved One's Memory" The Care Guide
Memory loss diagnosis "Now What?" The Care Guide
Memory loss symptoms "Signs and Symptoms" The Care Guide
Memory research "Total Recall" More
Men's avoidance of doctors "Male Medicine" Canadian Living
Menopause "Menopause Management" Canadian Health
Menstrual problems "Your Period Through the Decades" Best Health
Mental illness in Ethiopia "Peace of Mind" U of T Magazine
Micronutrient deficiencies "Iron Man" U of T Magazine
Modern infections "Brave New Plagues" Canadian Living
New pain therapy "Pain, Pain Go Away" More
Secondhand smoke (series) "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" Canadian Living
Sick building syndrome "Airtight Office?" Canadian Living
Sleep apnea "For a Good Night's Sleep" Chatelaine
Sleep deprivation "How Deep is Your Sleep Debt?" Canadian Living
Sleep hygiene "Get What You're Craving" Chatelaine
Sleep science research "The Science of Sleep" U of T Magazine
Socioeconomics and health "For Lifelong Health" CIFAR (Reach)
Spinal cord injuries "Unbroken Dreams" U of T Magazine
St. Michael's Breast Centre "Tell Me Now" Chatelaine
Stem cell research "The Promise of a Tiny Cell" U of T Magazine
Superbugs "Superbugs" U of T Magazine
Traditional Chinese Medicine "A Drop of Dragon's Blood" Canadian Living
Tuberculosis "When Germs Get Tougher" U of T Magazine
Unfit children "Unfit for Life" Reader's Digest
Universal allergy syndrome "Environment Killing You?" Verve
Vulvodynia therapies "A Private Pain" Best Health
Vision correction "See For Yourself" Canadian Living
Walking clubs "Walk, Talk and Shed Pounds" Chatelaine
Walking for health "The Walking Miracle" Canadian Living

Food & Drink

Aphrodisiacs in food “Lovin’ Spoonfuls” Best Health
Bottled water vs. tap "A Bubbling Controversy" More
Bruce Trail chefs "Tastes of the Bruce Trail" Bruce Trail Magazine
E. coli "Killer Burger" Canadian Living
Food safety: special reports "How Safe is Our Food?" 50Plus
Genetically modified food "Food Fight" Homemakers
Getting dinner fast "Supper Solutions" Today's Parent
Good fats, bad fats "Fats Can Be Good For You" Reader's Digest
Healthy food for kids "Kidstuff" What's Cooking
Healthy snacking "The Joy of Snacks" Canadian Living
Restaurant food safety "Are Our Restaurants Safe?" Best Health
Red wine headaches "Head 'em Off at the Glass" Canadian Living


After the baby "Baby's Here. Back to Work?" Canadian Living
Babies and language “Talk to Me, Mommy!” Canadian Family
Babies and Sleep "Rockabye Baby" Canadian Family
Babies' cries "Cries and Whispers" Canadian Family
Birth order "Family Geography" Canadian Family
Birth order update "Does Birth Order Matter?" Best Health
Boredom can be good "I'm Bored!" Today's Parent
Children and money "Kids & Money" Reader's Digest
Children's sexual curiosity "A Kiss is Just a Kiss?" Canadian Living
Choosing a career "Career Counsel" Today's Parent
Dating, new-style "Modern Love" Today's Parent
Discipline, Dad vs. Mom "Dad Says Yes, Mom Says No" Canadian Living
Discipline issues "What's Wrong with These Pictures?" Canadian Living
Early sexual activity "Sex and Young Teens" Today's Parent
Empty nest syndrome "Just the Two of Us" More
Family camps "We Are Family" Today's Parent
Family rituals "Family Rituals" Canadian Living
Freezing your eggs "Fertility Clinics Enter Ice Age" Toronto Star
Grandparenting after divorce "Grandparents in the Picture" Canadian Living
Grown kids who disappoint "When Grown Children Disappoint" 50Plus
Grown children at home "Home Sharing" Verve
It takes a village "Circle of Friends" Canadian Living
Picky eaters "Getting Past Picky" Today's Parent
Kids Help Phone "When Kids Call for Help" Canadian Living
Kids' fears of nuclear war "Defuse Kids' Fears" Canadian Living
Older mothers "Mid-Life Motherhood" Canadian Living
Overscheduled families "The Interrupted Family" Canadian Living
Parenting guide (series) "For the Love of Kids" Health Canada
Peer pressure "Can You Trust Your Kids?" Canadian Living
Premature babies "Does Early Mean Late?" Today's Parent
Quintuplets "Quint-essential Christmas" Canadian Living
Rudeness "Rude Awakenings" Canadian Living
Sibling relationships "Sister, Brother, Rival, Friend" Canadian Living
Sleep disorders "Asleep at the Switch" Today's Parent
Sleep personalities "What's Your Child's Sleep Personality?" Today's Parent
Single parenting "The Singles Challenge" Canadian Living
Step-parenting "Doing the Family Shuffle" Canadian Living
Surrogacy "My Sister, My Surrogate" Canadian Living
Teen girls and moms "Save the Drama for Mama" Reader's Digest
Teen rebels "Bad Teens, Good Families" Today's Parent
Teen romance "Breaking Up is Hard to Watch" Today's Parent
Teen-parent bond "The Most Important Bond" Today's Parent


AD/HD "The Restless Child" Together
Autism and technology "An Apple for the Students" U of T Magazine
Bullying at school “Schoolyard Bullies” Together
Career planning "Career Counsel" Today's Parent
Computers in classrooms "Does It Compute?" Canadian Living
Cyber-bullying "Cyber-Bullying" Today's Parent
EQ vs. IQ "Emotional Intelligence" Canadian Living
French immersion "Baptism by French" Canadian Family
Learning disabilities "How Do You Spell Success?" Reader's Digest
Learning to read "Getting Your Kids to Read" Together
Norton Anthology "Norton Anthology Turns 50" Toronto Star
Mystery authors "The Summer Mystery" Canadian Living
Parents in schools "Parents: A Class Act" Canadian Living
Reading problems "He's 8 and Still Can't Read" Canadian Living
School security "To Teach and Protect" Today's Parent
Science fairs "Inquiring Minds" Imperial Oil Review
STEM initiatives "STEM in Action" Imperial Oil Review
Student/school clash "A Clash of Styles" Today's Parent
The new Grade 1 "Dick and Jane are Gone" Canadian Living
Web startup company "Startup Crosses Language Barrier" Toronto Star

Relationships & Sexuality

Aphrodisiacs "Libido Lifters" Canadian Health
Chastity movement “The New Virgins” Canadian Living
Cheating "The Other Woman" Homemakers
Circumcision "Sex and the Circumcised Male" Canadian Health
Couples therapy "Marriage Feeling Fragile?" Canadian Living
Couples' changing roles "What Do You Expect?" Canadian Living
Dance classes for men "One Small Step for a Man" Toronto Star
Emotional cheating "Emotional Adultery" Canadian Health
How to argue fairly "Your Fighting Style" Chatelaine
Intimacy "More to it Than Sex" Canadian Living
Knowing your partner "Know Means Know" Canadian Health
Men vs. women "Major Discovery!" Canadian Health
Midlife crisis "Having a Midlife Crisis?" Canadian Living
Natural aphrodisiacs "Turn Up the Heat" Best Health
Premature puberty "Little Women" Today's Parent
Premarital counselling "Save Your Marriage" Canadian Living
Relationship rules "A Fine Romance" Canadian Health
Reviving sex life "Not This Year, Darling" Canadian Health
Romantic con men "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" Canadian Health
Separate bedrooms "Your Room or Mine?" Canadian Health
Sex addiction "Hooked on Sex" Canadian Health
Sex and seniors "Sex is Forever" Canadian Living
Sex in a long marriage "Spousal Arousal" Canadian Living
Sex is good for you "Makin' Whoopie" Homemakers
Sex talk "Words and Sex" Canadian Health
Sex therapists "Sexual Healing" Canadian Health
Sexual dysfunction in women "Not Tonight, Dear" Homemakers
Shift work and health "Shift Work" Canadian Health
Testosterone depletion "Adam and Ebb" Canadian Health
Vulvodynia "When Love Hurts" Canadian Health
When relationships shift "Renegotiate Your Marriage" Canadian Living

Social Issues

Abusive men "Men Who Batter" Canadian Living
Ageism in health care “Live or Let Die” Reader’s Digest
Aging parents "Finding Peace of Mind" Comfort Life
Alberta's two-tier health-care "First in Line" Canadian Living
Aurora United Church after fire "Aurora United Recovers" United Church Observer
Beaconsfield murders "Blue Shoelaces" Canadian Living
Breasts "The Great Breast Debate" Canadian Living
Child sexual abuse "The Nightmare" Canadian Living
Children of divorce "Divorced?" Protect Your Kids" Homemakers
Children's rights "Small Voices, Big Concerns" Canadian Living
Closet Smoking "Closet Smokers Among Us" Best Health
Community health centres "Looking Ahead" Canadian Living
Creativity "Great Ideas" Canadian Living
Cutting health costs "On the Cutting Edge" Canadian Living
Dating abuse "Will This Date Turn to Rape?" Canadian Living
Dementia in the family "Lessons From Mom" Best Health
Doctor shortages "Is There a Doctor in This Town?" Canadian Living
Driving safely (series) "Safe Journey" Health Canada
Drunk drivers "Deadly Drunk and Driving Again" Canadian Living
Environmentalists "Environmentalists Without Borders" Canadian Living
Female spirituality "Keeping the Faith" Canadian Living
Feng shui controversy "Go With the Flow" Canadian Living
Gambling casinos "Bet We've Gone Too Far?" Canadian Living
Gender-bias medicine "Gender Hospital" Canadian Living
Grandparents, grandchildren "Talkin' About Our Generation" Canadian Living
Happiness curve "Happy Ever After" More
Happiness: natural or learned? "Happiness" Canadian Living
Homeless youth "Kids on the Street" Reader's Digest
Hospices "Tender Care" Imperial Oil Review
Infertility issues "Who Pays the Price?" Homemakers
Long-distance caregiving "When Parents Grow Old" Reader's Digest
Motherhood value "Women's Work" Today's Parent
Mom-preneurs "Seller Beware" Today's Parent
Native schools "Dream catcher" Chatelaine
Native women healing families "In the Spirit of the Family" Canadian Living
Prostitution "Boys' Night Out" Homemakers
Publication bans "No Right to Know?" Canadian Living
Restoring nationalism "The Maple Leaf Forever" Canadian Living
Retirement homes "Inspiring" Comfort Life
Returning to church "The Comforting Pew" Canadian Living
Seniors who can't retire "The New Retirement Reality" 50Plus
Sexism in children "Earlier Than You Think" Canadian Living
SmartRisk Foundation "Heroes" Canadian Living
Spousal abuse "Behind Closed Doors" Today's Parent
Steroids and teens "The Steroid Temptation" Canadian Living
The new work world "Get to Work" Canadian Living
Violence against women "The Fear Between the Sexes" Canadian Living
Violence in the media "Reel-to-Real Violence" Canadian Living
Volunteerism "Supporting Imperial's Volunteers" Imperial Oil Review
Women and the law "What Every Woman Needs to Know" Canadian Living
Women in combat "A Woman's Right to Fight" Toronto Star
Young offenders "There Oughta be a Law" Canadian Living


Canadian UNESCO Sites "Destinations of Distinction" Canadian Geographic
Cuba trip with mother “Have Mum, Will Travel” Chatelaine
Ecuador "Journey to Middle Earth" 50Plus
Ecuador trip with daughter "The View" More
Educational vacations "Cool Summer School" Canadian Geographic
Northwest Territories "The Real Wild Wild Northwest" 50Plus
Touristy Canada "Picture-Postard Perfecto" Canadian Geographic