What Readers Say about Marcia Kaye

Here’s just a sampling of letters to the editor from Canadian and American readers who have enjoyed Marcia’s articles.

Katherine M. Luttmer, Zehner, SK

“Kudos for one of the finest articles I’ve read in any magazine — Canadian or American — for a long time. I am referring to ‘Kids on the Street’ (Canadian Living). Keep up the good work.”

A. Belanger, Uxbridge, ON

“Thank you so much for your wonderful article about Margaret Trudeau and her struggles with bipolar disorder (50Plus). An article like this helps people realize they are not alone and their condition is totally treatable.”

Nanon de Gaspé Beaubien, San Francisco, CALIFORNIA

“I absolutely loved your article ‘Kids & Money’ (Canadian Living). I have already put into practice your recommendations. Thank you for that great article!”

Laura Werschler, Sexual Health Access Alberta, Calgary

“It can be extremely difficult to cover a topic such as HPV in magazine articles, and I thought Marcia Kaye did a very well-researched and balanced piece (‘The Hot Shot,’ More magazine). The sidebars were particularly informative.”

Carol Thompson, Winnipeg, MB

“I am a parent and community health worker and I was most impressed with your publication ‘For the Love of Kids’ (Health Canada).”

Carol Bruneau, Halifax, NS

“Thank you for your story ‘The Great Breast Debate’ (Canadian Living), the most sensible, sensitive thing I’ve read on the whole mystique of the breast.”

Anne Clark, Glens Falls, NEW YORK

“Your wonderful article ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’ (Canadian Living) brought tears to my eyes. It filled me with an enormous amount of pride and memories.”

Marion Dewar, former executive director, Canadian Council on Children and Youth, Ottawa, ON

“I am writing to congratulate Marcia Kaye for her perceptive article on the Young Offenders’ Act (‘There Oughta Be a Law,’ Canadian Living). As she points out, many media reports are based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the Act and what preceded it. It is encouraging to read more thorough, balanced coverage of the legislation.”

Dawn Hodgins, Edmonton, AB

“It’s about time people started to look at the demand side of prostitution (‘Boys’ Night Out,’ Homemakers). I am a former prostitute and have made many positive changes in my life. Congratulations to Homemakers magazine for taking an important step in educating the general public about the sexual exploitation of women.”

Phyllis Jorgensen, Ganges, BC

“Finally, a refreshing article on the topic of sex! ‘Sex is Forever’ (Canadian Living) covers issues that are relevant to average Canadians and presents positive and factual information about sex.”

Lisa Smit, Winnipeg, MB

“Re ‘Storm Warning’ (Chatelaine) by Marcia Kaye: Thank you for this article on how our hormones affect our mood. I hope this article turns on a light bulb for more women who are suffering in silence.”

Jane M. Steele Moore, VP Corporate Affairs, Park Meditech Inc.

“I have now read ‘The Naked Truth About Breast Cancer’ (Canadian Living) for the third time and want to congratulate you on an extremely well-presented article.”

Keith Leclaire, Kahnawake, QC

“I would like to congratulate Marcia Kaye on her article ‘In the Spirit of the Family’ (Canadian Living). I found the article very uplifting and positive. As a Mohawk, I understand the the strength of our First Nations will thrive on understanding the basic fact that women are the foundation of our families and our communities.”

Sandra Clarke, Mississauga, ON

“I’m 15 years old. I am writing to you to comment on the article that you wrote called ‘Circle of Friends’ for Canadian Living. I was happy to read an article on that particular subject because I can relate to it well.”

Teri Isaa, Roseville, CALIFORNIA

“I want to extend a heartfelt thank-you for printing the very relevant and extremely timely ‘What’s Wrong With These Pictures” (Canadian Living).

Lois Gitzel, Busby, AB

“The article on colonoscopy — ‘The Test That Could Save Your Life’ by Marcia Kaye (Homemakers) was great. Thanks for the wonderful article and for helping to remove the stigma.”

Lise Rondeau, Montreal, QC

“I have been reading your magazine for a couple of years now and never felt inclined to write to you before. The reason I am doing so today is because I want to tell you how impressed about ‘The Great Breast Debate’ by Marcia Kaye (Canadian Living). This article is so very well written and touches a subject that is so important to women.”

Ken Read, former member of the International Olympics Committee Athletes Commission, Ottawa, ON

“Marcia Kaye’s article does an excellent job outlining that our sporting youth faces a difficult dilemma over the use of performance-enhancing drugs (‘The Steroid Temptation,’ Canadian Living).”

Chris Ryall, media relations coordinator, Covenant House, Toronto

“I would like to thank you for writing an excellent article, ‘Kids on the Street’ (Canadian Living). I found the article to be very informative and accurate not only about Covenant House but the homeless youth situation across Canada.”

W. Harold Fuller, North York, ON

“Thank you for a fine article about families returning to church (‘The Comforting Pew’). It is good to see a responsible magazine like Canadian Living handling a topic which the media generally ignores.”

Frank Jones, Toronto

“Marcia Kaye’s piece on Don Harron is brilliant (‘Charlie Farquharson Unbuttoned,’ 50Plus).”


Wilmer Martin, former president, Habitat For Humanity Canada

“Ms Kaye, allow me to take this opportunity to express to you a word of deep thanks for the fine article you wrote on the Habitat For Humanity program (Imperial Oil Review). I particularly appreciated the warm personal way in which you wrote the article.”

Lisa Malo, Toronto

“Your article ‘The Singles Challenge’ (Canadian Living) so accurately reflected my situation that I have given it to all my friends so that they may finally come to understand.”

Margaret Ryan, Nelson, BC

“Tears streamed down my face, splashing over the pages as I read the story (‘The Beaconsfield Murders,’ Canadian Living) that previously had been only a passing news item without much detail or insight. Poignant, thought-provoking and well written, I applaud this magazine for daring to explore issues that affect every one of us who have teenagers in the home.”

Mary Lou Buckriddan, president, Windsor/Essex County FCPTAO, ON

“Ms Kaye, a most sincere and appreciative thank-you is extended to you from the Regional Council of the Federation of Catholic Parent-Teachers’ Association of Ontario from Windsor/Essex County, for your article ‘Parents: A Class Act’ in Canadian Living. Such articles can only enhance parents’ involvement in their children’s education and thereby encourage the children’s growth and development throughout their lives.”

Paula Monroe-Fraser, Picton, NS

“Thanks so much for writing the article ‘After the Heart Attack’ (Canadian Living). I hope everyone reads this article whether they have a heart patient in their life or not.”

Mary Lou Bartlett, Jarvis, ON

“Congratulations to Marcia Kaye for her very forward and informative article on childhood sexual abuse (‘The Nightmare,’ Canadian Living). It is articles like these that help victims to the point in their lives where they can finally seek counseling and support and begin their journey to healing.”

Allison Reynolds, Toronto

“Ms Kaye, as a young girl I read your book on Karen Kain and was completely inspired.”

Gail Rappolt, assistant superintendent of curriculum, Board of Education, City of Hamilton, ON

“I would like to commend Marcia Kaye on the excellent article ‘Dick and Jane Are Gone’ (Canadian Living). In a day when education bashing is a common sport, it is refreshing to read a well-researched article that explores both the nature and intent of current school program.”