Sample Articles

written by Marcia Kaye

The Miracle of INSULIN

A century after Toronto scientists discovered the life-saving extract, researchers are finding new ways to improve the lives of people with diabetes.

*First published in U of T Magazine (University of Toronto)


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Haunted by the plight of 25 million people in Africa, Stephen Lewis is consumed by the need to make a difference.


*First published as the cover story in 50Plus magazine.


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Good old-fashioned sex can do more for your health than the latest wonder drug. Better yet, sex with a loving partner relieves pain, erases years and actually boosts your immune system. Here's why sex is just what the doctor ordered.


*First published in Homemakers magazine, then reprinted in Reader's Digest.


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Have MUM,

will travel


A thrill-seeking getaway with your mother? Maybe it's not high on this year's agenda. But sometimes the tropical sun can put your mum in a whole new light.


*First published in Chatelaine.


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For wounded U.S. war veterans, the promise of a "cure" may be doing more harm than good. 

*First published in UTM magazine (University of Toronto Mississauga).

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And this time she's out to settle the score. Book review.

*First published in theToronto Star and many other newspapers.

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