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about Marcia Kaye

Here’s a selection of comments, all unsolicited, from people who have been

subjects of profiles and other major features written by Marcia.

Shelagh Rogers CBC broadcaster
“I want you to know that I think you are a fantastic journalist. You ‘got’ me, Marcia.
I may even understand myself better as a result of your piece. You are a master of the human narrative. (‘Laughing Out Loud: Shelagh Rogers,’ 50Plus).

You do in print what on my best days I try to do on the radio.”

With CBC's Shelagh Rogers, Vancouver studio

Michele Landsberg Journalist and author
“Marcia, I knew when you interviewed me — asking questions that had never occurred to me — 
that you were an exceptional journalist (‘One Man’s Mission: Stephen Lewis,’ 50Plus). Just the same, the family was astonished and delighted to see how freshly you mined familiar material, how surprisingly you unearthed new anecdotes and how deftly and delightfully you spun it all together into a seamless whole. You did a wonderful job! Despite the thousands of times Stephen has been interviewed and profiled, I’ve never before been moved to write a ‘thank you’ note.

Hats off! you’re terrific!”

Don Cherry Hockey Night in Canada commentator
“Marcia, I just want to thank you very much for the great write-up (‘The Home That Don Built,’ 50Plus). I’ve got a lot of compliments about it. We had a whole case of the magazines out at the golf tournament we had for the Rose Cherry Home for Kids and it was a big hit.
You did a great job. Thanks a lot!”

With hockey guru Don Cherry

Evelyn Hannon creator of
“Marcia, I commend you on the wonderful article you wrote about me and my crazy, exciting journey (‘The Adventures of Journeywoman,’ 50Plus). So many writers have written about me in the past 20 years, but none has come as close as you have to capturing the essence and telling it so beautifully.”

Stephen Greenblatt Pulitzer Prize-winning author and literary critic, Harvard University
“Thanks so much, Marcia.
This is a wonderful article, and I will treasure it.”
(‘The Famous Norton Anthology Turns 50,’ Toronto Star.)

Dr. Woodson Merrell Manhattan's 'Doctor to the Stars'
“I love the article (‘Power Up,’ Zoomer).
Thank you for your thoughtful, balanced, stimulating story — so well crafted.”

George Hunter Canada's location photographer
“Please enroll me into the Marcia Kaye Fan Club (‘Picturing Canada,’ Imperial Oil Review). Your writing is great.”

George Hunter.jpg
With George Hunter, 'Canada's Location Photographer'

Vera Manuel elder in Six Nations aboriginal community near Brantford, ON
“Dear Marcia Kaye and all the staff at Canadian Living magazine who took part in presenting ‘In the Spirit of the Family.’ We at National Native Association of Treatment Directors were extremely pleased with the article.
Your sensitivity and creativity in presenting native people in such a caring way was much appreciated.“

Lana Rowland representative of former NDP MP Ethel Blondin-Andrew
“We were extremely pleased about the article done on Ethel in the October issue (‘The IT Girl From NWT,’ 50Plus). We are interested in looking at reproducing the article.“

Kelly Walker author and speaker
“Marcia, I’ve received terrific emails from people who hardly know me saying how positive  
this all was (‘Coming Out,’ 50Plus). Thanks for the great work you do.“

Marla Yanofsky psychologist, the Montreal Family Centre
“I just received the magazine (‘I’m Bored!’ Today’s Parent) and I thank you — the article is excellent.
I am pleased to have my name associated with it and I thank you for including me.”


With actor Lorne Cardinal ("Davis") on location in CTV's hit series "Corner Gas,"  Rouleau, Saskatchewan ("Dog River")

Elizabeth May Green Party of Canada
"Please accept a belated thank-you for such
an extraordinarily in-depth article and profile (‘Born to Save the Planet,’ 50Plus). You put so much into that piece; more than I ever expected. It was lovely.”

Dini Petty TV and radio interviewer/host
“Marcia, you’re as good as they say you are (‘Honestly, Dini,’ 50Plus). I’ve found over the years that of the hundreds of interviews I’ve done, overall, women do the best ones. And every once in a while I meet a really good one, and you certainly fall into that class.”

Julia Reidhead editorial director, New York City
“Marcia, thank you and the Toronto Star for this lovely front-page story (‘The Famous Norton Anthology Turns 50,’ Toronto Star). I’m sure you’ve inspired more than a few readers to pull their well-thumbed Norton Anthology off the shelf.”

Stephen Bowie son of founder of Craigleith Ski Club
“I haven’t been able to stop reading the book (Craigleith Ski Club: The First Fifty Years) and wanted to congratulate you on the wonderful achievement.
You have done a truly masterful job at weaving together the complicated and long history of the club with its many stories and characters! I know Dad would be thrilled.”

More celebrities_0001.jpeg

Lorris Herrenda executive director, Yellow Brick House women's shelter
“The article was incredible, and all our staff, board members and clients love it (‘Behind Closed Doors,’ Today’s Parent).

The client you interviewed feels great about it and how well you captured her story. Amazing work!”

Louis Michaud inventor
“Your Imperial Oil Review article came out this week and I was most pleased with it (‘Imperial’s Great Canadians’).

You are a wonderful writer and you got everything right. I was very pleased and thank you very much."


Dr. Jerilynn Prior professor of endocrinology, UBC, Vancouver
“Congratulations for winning the Medal for Excellence in Health Research Journalism. I knew it was a good article (‘The Truth About Estrogen,’ More magazine). Thank you for so carefully conveying what I had to say about perimenopause.”

Judy Kerr executive director, The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada
“The article is just great (‘When Is It a Learning Disability?’ Today’s Parent). Thanks so much for the terrific work.
Must tell you my son’s teacher raved about the article — and I didn’t even bring it to her attention. She said it was the most succinct article on the subject that she had ever read.”

Dr. Roger Shick physician leader, St. Paul's Hospital Pain Centre, Vancouver
“Thanks for writing a most informative article on chronic pain (‘Coping With Chronic Pain,’ Canadian Health). You really caught the essence of the story.
I think you have made a big difference. With great gratitude.”

Shirley Vollett life and relationship coach, Vancouver
“I think it’s an excellent article (‘A Fine Romance,’ Canadian Health). Congratulations and thank you for including me in it!

With the Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell, Canada's first female Prime Minister
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